Big Ups and A Wolf Tale

So you all remember the Twitter pitch contest for which you helped me prepare? (Go check out hostess Shelley Watters’ blog!) Well, Agent Suzie Townsend chose my pitch as an honorable mention! And yes, I sent out my query immediately upon finding out. SO I wanted to shout-out to every one who helped prep! If they have blogs, check them out!

Lori M Lee, T Romel Blossom, Suzie McGowen, Tina Moss, Jolene Perry, Jen (and not my tiny big sister), Kimberlee Turley, A.Grey, Vaudreuil (blog regular!), LK Gardner-Griffie, Karen Akins,  Douglas Esper, Brenda Drake, Erica M Chapman, Ruth Hansen, Kaleen, L. Blankenship, Bekah Snow, Stephanie Hussey, Crystal, April Dawn, and of course contest hostess Shelley Watters who actually went around to give feedback to the entrants!

Can’t believe that many of you were kind enough to stop by and I really appreciate it! The online writing community never ceases to amaze, encourage and entertain me. Several of the above are on twitter as well, so plenty of ways to keep up.

AND NOW! (Say that like Jon Lovitz on some episode of The Simpsons…and everything else.) The piece de awesome. My six (and a half) year-old son’s first story is being published! Right now! Right here! (It totally counts!)

Buzzy and the Wolf

There once was a boy named Buzzy. He loved his mother very much. He also loved his father just as much.

One day they went for a walk inside the forest. But Buzzy was very afraid because the forest was dark. However, Buzzy’s mom and dad were not afraid of the forest and they kept Buzzy safe.

After walking in the forest for a few minutes they saw a wolf. It was a nice wolf. This made Buzzy’s family very happy. But all of a sudden the wolf became very hungry. He looked at Buzzy and saw his next meal. Now everyone was scared.

The whole family ran as fast as they could, but the wolf kept coming closer and closer, closing in on their doom.

Luckily, Buzzy and his mom and dad all made it back to their house in time. After they closed their door, the wolf started to bang on the house. The wolf tried to trick the family into coming outside by pretending he was their grandmother. But they were not fooled. They knew it was the wolf because they could see him through the window.

Now that the family knew there was a hungry wolf outside of their house they never left home without their swords.

The next time Buzzy saw the wolf he showed him his sword and said, “Don’t ever try to trick us or eat us every again.” Buzzy also knew that the wolf was still hungry so he told the wolf, “Go get some fish.”

They lived happily ever after.

The End

12 thoughts on “Big Ups and A Wolf Tale

  1. k, first of all – what kind of feedback did you get? Amazing achievement – and fun to see your name listed as one of the winners!!

    secondly- Ezra’s publication. Awesome. That kid had it all – excitement, swords, a climax, and a resolution. “Go get some fish” was the winning line for me. And true story: I get super crabby and violent when I’m hungry too – good lesson for me too, then. Go get some fish. Ha! well done, Ez!


    • There a slew of comments on the blog post in question – lots of crits from the people listed above. 🙂

      Go. Get. Some fish. Words to live by. I’m so tempted to hire you to make personalized cards for us. It would totally rock the holiday season.


  2. Who’s surprised? Not I!

    Congratulations! More to come, guaranteed. Keep praying (as if I need to remind you, lol) I’m praying too, just so you know.

    and congratulation to Ezra! I agree with Elena about the winning line.
    [Buzzy also knew that the wolf was still hungry so he told the wolf, “Go get some fish.”] that’s empathy. Plus he gives the wolf a solution to the problem. He may indeed be a child-god. Yea Ezra!


    • Me, too! I did a fair amount of hopping that day, though – it kept me busy! Good luck to you, too! I’ve heard of at least one other full request from an honorable mention pitch, so I think it’s fair to say we “won” the contest, lol.


  3. This is wonderful news! I know you’re up for good things. It’s going to happen.

    Now for Ezra. That kid is so wonderful, but I don’t need to tell you that. His story is great. And how cool that you’ve captured it here. I love it that he used the word doom in the context.


    • I just wish I had captured my first reaction to reading the story. I was bursting inside. The words “however” and “doom” and then the fish suggestion. Died.


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