Ships At A Distance

If you’ve known me longer than three seconds, you probably know that while I have a hard time buttoning down a favorite on most things (song, artist, band – which gets particularly different to decide once you get out of the hormonal fangirl teen years), there is one indisputable title. Best first line of any book goes to Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Ships at a distance hold every man’s wish onboard.

Again, I’ve said it before. But SWOON. It is tattoo worthy (and shall be made so). Splendid. So, what does that have to do with anything? Well, there are lots of people who automatically despise movie adaptations in an annoying hipster-like fashion, constantly pointing out what changes were made and how it’s not “true” to what it isn’t supposed to be, namely a book. I’m not one of those people. I realize that these are two different animals.

Except for when Oprah and ABC made Their Eyes Were Watching God. Worst moment aside from the fact that the opening line wasn’t part of the movie? The pathetic way in which the title of the book was tossed in (no, not worked in, I promise), basically attempting to make it part of Janie’s characterization. O_O As opposed to the poignancy of the title being a piece of the narrative describing the way in which the frightened victims of the hurricane were staring into the darkness while the storm raged…it was reduced to Janie floating in a bog on her back, watching. God.


Aside from the fact that I really didn’t like Janie in the film and couldn’t understand what was wrong with her.

WHY am I talking about this? I have no idea. Something happened while I was on TweetDeck just now and then I thought of the beautiful first line and then I thought of the title-rape that Oprah’s people committed.


Oh, look. She’s about to watch God. ::snort::


7 thoughts on “Ships At A Distance

    • Only because she’s totally biased in her favor.

      Oh and that whole big-ta-do she made about the kiss in that movie being the most romantic (she may have said sexy…you know how she is) of any movie kiss? (And that whole spiel about how gross it is to see people brush their teeth…) Yeah, it was gross. The kiss. And her sentiments. (To be fair, Halle Berry pretty much always makes me feel uncomfortable in her kissing scenes…I get the distinct impression she was….nevermind.)


  1. Oh you’re just jealous of Oprah and Halle. Just because you’re more talented in every way than those two narcissists is no reason to write the truth out loud. More compassion for idiots please!

    On a more serious note. that book deserves the best paragraph ever award. Every year as I grow closer to the grave and further from my dream, those words seem truer. Mind you, I’m quite successful; God had truly truly blessed me and I am grateful but my Dream, the one from childhood, remains unfulfilled as of yet. So you can imagine how poignant those words in the first paragraph of TEWWG are to me. (sad face).

    p.s. I love how your mind works. It’s made me addicted to your blog. 😦 I’m too busy for such addictions.


    • As of yet = the key words. 🙂

      Blog addiction is totally normal. And I can use you as an excuse for why it takes me forever to post. “Well, I’m really looking out for her schedule…don’t wanna distract her. It’s not because I’m lazy and procrastinate like a champion.” 😀


  2. I remember Oprah saying that. Excuse me while I give her the beatbox. Psh psh PSSSSSSH.
    In other news, Andy and I were re-watching X-Men 1 and 2 the other day and can I just say UGH HALLE BERRY?! The worst.


    • “She hit me with the beatbox!”
      Oh HB was HORRIBLE, please believe. I won’t even talk about the half-hearted attempt at the accent and then GIVING UP ENTIRELY despite the fact that she “had” one in the first movie. Lawd. Swing low, sweet chariot. Awful.


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