The Game Has Changed

First things first.

That’s. Really all I want.

I even love that it’s called a datamancer. #swoon

Anyway, some of you know that I quite appreciate the limitless benefits of goal-orientation and organization. I’m gonna assume I’ve talked about it before. It’s kinda required when you want your family to achieve something beyond what’s right in front of you and therefore, without making a judgment on those whose fulfillment is therein satisfied, more easily accessible.

As such, I am finding myself in a strange and also entirely understandable headspace. We’ve been in this city for 18 months. I feel therefore compelled to start planning and executing preliminary tasks related to “the next chapter”. Because this is the phase in which I would normally do so. Paperwork, applications, phone calls, endless visual aids and checklists, research, prayer, Bible study. That’s what I’d be doing with all of my time. Plotting out how options would affect each member of the family, relaying all of the aforementioned to the mister.

So what do you do when your plans no longer include finding a new city to test out. No, rephrase. What do I do. Not that I’m not curious as to what you do, but. Right. That’s. Not really gonna help me, is it.

It’s only normal that I’d get to what used to be a crossroads and have the usual response. So now I remind myself that we’re where we want to be. That all that energy can stay focused on the life we’re building here. #InitiateRewiring

In Conclusion. I am currently listening to the follow:

P.S. I fibbed. I want this, too.

12 thoughts on “The Game Has Changed

  1. The last pitch was the best. It gave the whole shebang enough now that I’d like to read it. Good luck.

    S.A. Hussey


  2. Hi Bethany! Thanks for participating in my contest! I liked pitch three and five. Sounds like an awesome book! (3 more than 5, but they’re both great).

    Great job and good luck with the contest!


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