Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

You know what’s distracting? White kids in The Last Airbender. See, the Hubs and I got pretty into the Nickelodeon series, which was remarkably easy to do. It was pretty sweet. So, I was immediately confused by the actors. And yes, I was already aware of the controversy that fell when the movie was first coming out. (And at this point can I mention without giving details but yes it’s totally related and if you already follow his twitter you’ll know what I’m talking about – *inhale* – Gabe of Penny Arcade is hilarious.) I just…had no idea how t-o’d I would be within mere MOMENTS of the movie beginning. First of all, it looked like crap. And I do mean LOOKED, as in the actual visuals were IMMEDIATELY disappointing. Did M. Night Shamalamadingdong even WATCH the show before he raped it of its bonnie-ness? Because WOW. You can’t make this stuff up.

And yeah, full disclosure? I haven’t resumed watching it yet but the horrible dialogue, visuals, white kids – oh wait, except for the Fire Nation peeps…why’s that, mon frere – and M.Night-ness have got me pretty convinced that this is going nowhere good.

Which brings us to the next potential victim of white-washing which can we just take a minute and look at the calendar and the 2011-ness of it all and ask ourselves why this is still happening?! The Hunger Games. Yes. Jezebel summed it up and honestly I hadn’t even blinked at the blonde girl they want to cast. I’m apparently complacent and too accustomed to Hollywood.  From Jezebel:

Collins’ world includes several more key characters who are either explicitly non-white or whose ethnic background is left more ambiguous, including love-interest Gale, mentor-figure Haymitch and a young black girl named Rue, Katniss’s closest and the star of some of the novel’s most gripping action scenes.

Because honestly, Suzanne Collins is apparently being punished for not making stereotypical and offensive references to REALLY ensure everyone gets who’s not white in her book. Subtly? Not ready for that, Ms. Collins, we want racial slurs, if possible.
And finally? The Book of Eli did not disappoint me. What is it with me and post-apocalyptic, dusty, depressing books/movies? Love ’em. And guess what? This. ‘Cause the music did it for me. If I were still a dancer, you best believe I’d be all over this soundtrack. I have a feeling my sister Ana’ll hear me on this one.
P.S.? I’m pretty sure M.Night hates himself.

3 thoughts on “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

  1. Alright. I wanted to tell you this before but you’d moved on to another post. However since we’re revisiting Hunger Games, I should mention that I reread the intro to Rue and sure enough SC describes her as having “dark eyes and satiny brown skin”(page 98.) I think I missed that descrip. because I have to read fast as my plate is so darn full and there are but 24 short hrs in a day,(LOL), but also because I never expect white writers to include blacks authentically in their works—case in point, “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett (movie coming in August 2011) has a black character referring to herself as having skin the color of a cockroach. ??? Don’t know any black people, even ones with the lowest self-esteem, who would say that

    I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a cynic.I believe there’s such an subconscious societal phenomenon called white privilege, and one is only aware of it when one is not white. I’m also convinced that there is apartheid in publishing. 😉 Invisible but there—like gravity. Not that this worries or deters me since gravity is the weakest of all natural forces. even though it keep us grounded, we can overcome it and fly. But I digress.
    I’m glad I was wrong about Rue. I wasn’t looking for racial slurs or stereotypes to identify Rue as Black; most dark skinned people I know are of East Indian descent (My husband’s and I come from Caribbean and South American ancestry) so I would have needed a descript of woolly hair or broad nose to tag Rue in my brain as being of African descent. Most african-descended blacks that I know are caramel colored–if that makes sense at all.


    • Doesn’t sound cynical; sounds realistic. Of course, being since I’m also Black…

      You’ll excuse me but um. What. The Farquat. Who on EARTH published that description?! I am having a seizure right now. O_O



  2. Ah…covet. My skin looks very much the colour of gone-off skimmed milk (it’s a strange, translucent hue – almost not a colour at all). Why anyone would be tempted to cast this in a film is beyond me.


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