I know, I know. Don’t rub it in. We’re here now and that’s all that matters.

Okay, first of all, I need to tell you that I play Bejeweled Deluxe 2 based 80% on the music. I will never get over 80s Sci-fi soundtracks. So imagine my fantasia while watching Tron Legacy. O_O I want to be its best friend. That movie and DAFT PUNK’S SCORE … I can think of so many inappropriate ways to express my adulation but not a single lady-like way! SIGH. ::CHOKING ON INARTICULATEABLENESSOSITY OF TRON LEGACY:: I hereby bestow my hand in matrimony to that movie. Amen.

And then, this thing that I meant to post like yesteryear. Lord have mercy, I have no idea why I procrastinate on the blog-writing-ness!

I’m sorry, before we get to this – which is primarily for JenJen – can I just say a few things about Tron? A) LOVE. B) JEFF. BRIDGES. Homg. The fact that it was him in that final scene and his eyes! C) Even though the guy that played his son looks un peu de eastern block and decidedly not of the same background as Jeff Bridges, what they DO have in common trumps that by a long shot. That splendid way they talk, they never have to oversell the dialogue. It’s like this calm rumbling…something. O_O I. Should probably move on. C) DID I MENTION THE MUSIC? Because I’m pregnant. (I’m not pregnant.) HOmygosh. Mm.



Okay! So JenJen, here’s the BEAUTIFUL rose colored birdcage accessory. (Fossil.) It IS the stuff that dreams are made of, if you were wondering. I’m glad I didn’t buy the matchy-match bracelet to go with it or I’d never have paired it with my pearl necklace – which Josh didn’t seem to like, he says it makes it look costume. Sorry, love.

Aaand I LOVE the dress. (Old Navy.) In theory. I’ll never wear it to church again, I can tell you that. My legs are too long for these dresslengths, people. I look supremely immodest and I felt ridiculous. Loved it with my brown tights (JCrew) and pink flats (Old Navy). So there you have it.

I’m Mrs. Tron Legacy.  (And I’m off to watch Starman three times in a row, if not more.)


4 thoughts on “Ummm….

  1. The music & visuals were indeed great (and worth the price of admission) but uh. The plot took that night (day, month, year, nigh-infinite passage of time until the singularity) off. IMHO of course. Mostly the stuff inside computerland.


    • The crazy thing about being in love is I honestly don’t even know if you’re right. I have literally no complaints. The only reason I’m even considering that you could be is because I’ve met people who loved movies that were dangerously close to the retardation border and I’ve been agape. But Tron was amazing so that’s settled.


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