But not yet. (This is called building suspense.)

So speaking of PC games – they’re basically all I play (except I love Dr. Mario and I used to love Mario Kart). So my husband bought me a CSI game last week.

Me no likey.

Not sure why I would hate the television show and then want to play the PC game. Have I also mentioned that I own and have played (and replayed) all three Law and Order games and the Criminal Intent game? Okay, the CI game I didn’t finish replaying, I’ll admit. A few reasons. But FIRST. This is NOT a criticism. I love everything Law and Order does (other than liberally apply their heavy hand of bleeding heart liberalism to Olivia’s character especially and also being totally ridiculous when it comes to portraying EVERY Christian as the inevitable perp or at least having some horrible scandal. Grow up.)

Wait, where were we. So the things about the CI game. I am NOT saying that Vincent phoned it in for his character’s voice. But he may have recorded it while lying on his back. Seconds after waking. Or having been administered a Quaalude. And on top of that, his character does this bad posture slothful glide for some reason, which only adds to the whole blah-zay of it all. Which is NOT to call it blah! I’m just saying, one *could* ask what the hell. But not me. >.>  <.< And the cases themselves are pretty fun, though one might say it’s really about busy work and puzzle solving – but I mean this isn’t Ender’s Game. The trajectory of the game can’t really honestly be determined by or personalized to the player. Can it?  There’s also one instance in the game where there is no way (as far as I could tell after playing three L&O games previously) I could have known what the next move required/what resource was suddenly and inexplicably available – and had to go to a forum.

So, long story short. Hubby bought CSI game. Had him return it. #Nothankyou #Iamloyal


And guess what that wheeled robot is all about?! The game over which I was obsessed yesterday (and in yesteryear)!! And yep. You really can’t go home again. Graphics were bright like I remembered….and also not JAMAZING and smooth like I remembered.

So the backwards cap is a forward cap. The backpack is a camera. The mansion is a school (which I totally remember because he passes the library, the principal’s office, etc but come on – it’s totally a mansion). The big wheel mechanism only applies to 1 of the 5 robots. The paint gimmick relates to the plot AND the mechanics of one of the robot. It came out in 1989, not the 90s. (Though they did repackage it in 1995, I can tell by the box art that we had the original.) Aaaaand the husband found it by doing that needle in a haystack search he suggested I do. Well. Technically, he found it after googling something like “90s pc game robots with paint”.

And what game could possibly entertain both a 7 year old and a 14 year old?! Right. But I think you can see the trend in the kind of games my father bought us.



6 thoughts on “THE BIG REVEALZ!

  1. Bethany, someday Ezra will demand a fee for use of that photo, lol. wish I owned it myself. it says so much. I’d put it on my fridge door so I don’t raid it after 9pm. I’d put it on my son’s PS3 on Saturday mornings. I have so many uses for that look. lucky you!
    Thanks for the smile, Ezra.


  2. Yeah! This was Chris’s game. He loved it! and I am pretty certain that is was just shortly after, or during his DOS disk booting days!


  3. Okay that is super-awesome, in a retro sort of way. But not as awesome as Ender’s Game (the fantasy game with the giant? remember that?) which I totally went out and bought (happiness, for only £8 – bargain) so I could read it again. And then you mention it in a blog post. Sometimes everything seems so connected!


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