What Do Tigers Dream Of…

If you’re anything like me, you have vivid images from the past imprinted on your brain and trying to derive enough clues to create a fruitful Google search drives you to the brink of insanity. You all remember when I finally figured out that daggone Robots game. Or finally finding images for Where In TIME Is Carmen Sandiego – which isn’t really the same because I knew what it was called, just couldn’t find images to share. Which reminds me: my memory of the smoothness and general appeal of the graphics may be just as false with regard to this next bygone PC game.

So today I tried again. There’s this recurring… reoccurring… I’m sorry, are both of those words?? …. playback in my head. I used to play this game – possibly educational – wherein a teen boy (possibly with backwards cap but definitely 90s) follows/hunts/chases robots around this mansion. They all roll on one big wheel and there’s …. something with paint? And the point of the game is… something about…. something. Or other. And I remember it being all bright and flashy and pretty and floppy disk newness but I could be wrong and it could be early CD-ROM and also it could be just as ridiculous as Carmen Sandiego, but I don’t think so. HELP.

For the last time, Google - it is NOT Luigi's Mansion

I have just spent way too much time typing in variations of “[floppy disk] [cd-rom] [90s] pc game where kid [with backwards hat] [with backpack] follows [hunts] [chases] robots [on wheels] around mansion”. No luck. NO LUCK. Now my husband wants me to write “90s pc games for kids”….because the only better than finding nothing is finding a ridiculously enormous haystack through which I could riffle without even knowing the NAME.

Seriously help.


6 thoughts on “What Do Tigers Dream Of…

  1. You crack me up. I’m the type of person who can lose hours googling stuff like that. Sorry, I’m no help. Ancient me – I was busy hollering at my little kids and didn’t have a chance to enjoy the 90s much. I’ll ask them though. They might remember the game. In between all the hollering. I mean, hugging and kissing.


    • Hahahaha – Nothing beats the hugging and beating.

      I may quit writing and just focus my efforts on finding out what the hell this game is. (See? My articulate-ation is already slipping away.)


    • Not either of those! I found Maniac Mansion in every search results list and WOW. Those graphics were a real let down after seeing the box art, lol. Sounded kinda cool though, to be honest!

      Full disclosure: the hubs found it. I’ll let you know the name (and gameplay pics!) tomorrow. đŸ˜€


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