Don’t Kill The Messenger

So I guess I should lighten it up after that dream documentation last time. What can I say, my brain likes to write even during sleepytime – and what’s better than a dark story with a dark ending? I’ll answer for you: nothing.

But I am not in a dark mood! (Or so I tell my brain who’s always in the mood for dark.) I am staring at the calendar, waiting for my children to arrive. Oh and their parents. It is REALLY hard to be patient when small nephews are on their way, let me tell you. It’s also hard to write an interesting post. ::sigh::

Well that was a false start.

Yeah. We all (read: a lot of us) love it. (Or like it a lot.) So this is gonna be really hard easy for me to say.

I have this feeling Glee is gonna end up like Britney Spears – with the exception of the fact that I ever liked Glee. Hear me out. Glee has some pretty obvious flaws, you knows. The first of which being it’s entirely unsustainable, as it stands. Why would I dare say that? (First of all, get your finger out of my face, psycho fans.) Has everyone noticed that there is a serious lack of conflict.

WHAT?, you exclaim. Sue’s always messing with them and the whole school hates them and they’re perennial outcasts! Right. Like, every episode. That routine conflict quickly equates to a lack of conflict. Even the secret gay guy who drove Kurt to another school (to join a different Glee club who’s basic storyline is – hey watch us throw a random “practice” in the show with absolutely nothing to tether it but the vague mention of “regionals” and WOW are regionals and nationals constantly upcoming) isn’t captivating. It fizzles.

Right, so here’s how it’s like B.S. (::snort::), if you haven’t figured this out already. For a few years – maybe even several – you guys are gonna go crazy ape bananas for it, happily overlooking the glaring flaws until one day, seemingly out of the blue, not only will Glee not be popular, it will be made a laughing stock, being taunted to the point that those of us who already admitted to its flaws will think hypocritical the people who make fun of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Glee. A lot. But not because it’s actually or entirely a good show. I like it because it’s about a Glee club and there are fun numbers – which seem to not take into account the budget or lackthereof of a high school Glee club – and there are fun characters, even if they’re relatively one-dimensional. And sometimes it’s fun to pretend that if I break into song while lamenting over my boyfriend, someone will come along and edit it into a really sweet music video-esque montage.

So – when you guys decide that Glee has jumped the shark for the last time – I beg you. Be gentle. You used to love it.

See. I’m not always depressing.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Kill The Messenger

  1. I listen to the show, but I don’t watch it. It’s on, my kids are watching it, I’m doing stuff. I enjoy the music. I pick up bits of dialog and storyline so I’ve learned a little about the one-dimensional characters. The Sue Sylvester character cracks me up she’s so over the top.

    But you’re right. It’s a novelty that will eventually wear off.


  2. Or maybe it will be like Matlock…where the people that liked it when they were youngish and it was fresh and new will still be watching and singing along to reruns when they are old. And the rest of us will still be laughing at them for liking it.


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