Of Love And Zara

Every day is another opportunity for a man to come home and utter the words, “I have presents for you.” And those words – those special, adoration-producing words – are outdone only by an arrangement whose intensity is maintained best through scarcity. “There was a sale at Zara.”

No wait. Wrong expression.

That’s the one.

And today was such a day in the Morrow home. A day when the scales of complacency were loosened from my eyes and the world was born anew.

A little known fact about women me? A present for me is made even better if it’s something for him that I – long ago! – mentioned I’d love to see him in. Read: there were loverly pieces for him, too. But among the booty was a splendor that I must here share. And then quickly end this post before it turns from well-intentioned gushing to homicide-inducing….for of course, YOU did not receive bags of Zara, I presume.

That’s a winter wonderland, is what that is. Pockets. LINED HOOD. Splendor. Zara.

And how can you be sure that his love for you is genuine? By these words, “There was a lot more that you’d like. We should go back tomorrow.”

Eat your heart out, Mr. Darcy.


5 thoughts on “Of Love And Zara

  1. The pictures say it all. And after all, isn’t the first picture appropo (pre-homicide) for those of us whe didn’t get a Zara gift bag!


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