Very Specific Pet Peeves

People who can’t tell the difference between passive and past continuous. Seriously. I’m not even giving examples because shut up.

People who swindle others, regardless how dull and flat-out simpleminded said “others” must be to be swindled. That doesn’t absolve the swindler of their intent. Gross. (Seriously, click that and then ask me how someone could be (a) interested in being published, (b) have internet access and (c) use the internet to find this woman and somehow simultaneously miss the presence of agent blogs, agentquery, absolute write, p&e… This is where we have a MASSIVE HEAD EXPLOSION, yes?)

People who want to blog for like three days before they actually get around to opening the Add New Post tab. ::punches self::

Typos that don’t exist until you press send. (Funny story/true story: I had a typo in that sentence.)

Things That Do Not Peeve Me


2 thoughts on “Very Specific Pet Peeves

  1. Oh my goodness! Ezra is so dang cute! A Blank White Page is brilliant. You should stop punching yourself and with all the info out there, it is pretty hard to believe that people could fall for something like that “service.” Sadly, there are many people who wish to part us with our money and there are plenty of vulnerable people out there or in here.


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