SO mad at my tiny, big sister JenJen right now. Had a dream – YES, I’m mad at her for something that happened in the dream! – and she was casually walking by me in a huge back storage part of a furniture store. As soon as I saw her, I said out loud, “Oooook, so this is a dream then.” Because yeah, not only does she not live in Montreal but how would she have been in this warehouse even if she did happen to surprise me and fly out. Weirdly, she didn’t say anything, only smiled softly and walked into my embrace.

Come to think of it, she was acting really weird. So now I think you’re keeping things from me, JenJen!! O_O


Have you ever seen How To Train Your Dragon? BUT. Have you seen it 78,421 time? Because if not…you haven’t really seen it. (The reason this DVD hasn’t been destroyed is because it is actually worth watching that many times.)



Maybe I’ll come back later.


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