They’re No Friends Of Mine

I had tried to post yesterday but wha’ha’happen was that the’um… the internets um…

So anywho! My last dream last night? Entirely scored by Safety Dance. No. Joke. At the end, it also involved Turk dancing. Which I blame on the following video which I haven’t even seen in like a year, brain!

So there’s that.

Otherwise, I have to say that I just (well, not just-just but whatevs) finished a revision and it felt so. good. Mmmmmmm. Seriously, it was delicious. I loves it, precious. Not just the outcome but the fact that I was like addicted to it. I’d close the document and not stop thinking about it and have this compulsion to reopen it. And I know people talk about writing in that way all the time, but on the real, it’s not *always* like that. This time was a honeymoon, for sure. Love.

Also, Mommy is gone but the French are coming! (HAHAHAHA!) No, seriously, I live in Quebec (where the kinda-French live) but my tiny big sister’s family is coming next month and I are essited!!!! I can’t even keep talking about it because it’ll just turn to one big juicy gush and then I’ll be all wired for the rest of the day and not be able to see them til February!

In other news, I had this!



Carry on.


6 thoughts on “They’re No Friends Of Mine

  1. My dream last night involved trying to get as much done as I could before my descent into madness completed. And I had a friend who was a cat’s ghost. But that may have been a result of the madness. I was OK with that.


  2. Ooohhh…I’m glad someone else gets all excited about revision. It’s like reading a book you really like, but when you get to something that you think is not quite right YOU CAN TOTALLY CHANGE IT! Ahhhhhhhh….amazing…


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