Why You Tippin’ In Here?

Why you lurkin’ on the couch?

Ya awf’ly late.

Little girl had a bad dream.

Aaaaand let’s just stop it there since I don’t want to take you through the rest of that movie. (Well, I do, but I’m feeling really self conscious and on thin ice for being absent so long.)

Guess who’s here?!

Yes, that’s a huge Puerto Vallarta bag ruining our Montreal winter.

As if that weren’t awesome enough, my tiny big sister (AND. FAMILY.) is coming next month! ::trollops off to dance among the daisies::

Except it’s winter so, whoops, I’m back.

Anyway, the thing is I’ve been writing. And watching The Soloist. You remember how I cried myself to sleep while watching the trailer? (Even after I’d seen the movie and yes, it’s saved on my computer.) Well, Lord Almighty. My husband got me my very own copy for Christmas and I have DE-VOUR-ED it.


I mean. GAH. Seriously?! It. Is. Perfect. Jamie Foxx – I. Chokin’ on my own adoration here. I can’t even. Let’s not. ::passes out:: And I had to watch it by myself the first few times because I refuse to be looked at sideways when I want to MUST watch scenes more than once. There’s just so much.


You may have guessed – or I may have mentioned – movies about artists, particularly when they are clearly written or made by one? I want to live inside them. I remember the days when I had to watch The Hours twice in sitting. Couldn’t be avoided. So few movies speak my language, literally speak to me. And then people ask you about your “favorite” movies. Seriously? Like humans, movies appear on the surface to have a lot in common and then when you watch them, you realize they cannot be compared on the sole basis that the two are filmed. Well, I guess that sentence didn’t make sense but you understand. Humans. Same general format. Entirely different people. Put in some effort here, people.

If I don’t find out that I’ve been in Crazytown and both leads in The Soloist DID actually get Oscars, I’m gonna do myself bodily harm. O_O

So, how’s you?


4 thoughts on “Why You Tippin’ In Here?

  1. I’ve missed you. Just last night I got spanked (not literally) for my lack of movie viewing. This from a friend who wants me to help edit his screenplay. Lowbrow. Screenplay. We are not talking Oscars. We aren’t even talking Oscar Meyer.

    I hope you’re having a good winter. It appears you are.


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