Et Bonne Annee, Grandmere!

So, it’s 2011 which is both ridiculous and entirely reasonable. O_O First of all, WordPress is super cute with their “year in blogging” summaries. I might post it at some point, though I doubt you’d like not only to read a blog but also then read about how much you read a blog.

Years ago, I talked about how I totally don’t get resolutions. Like the fact that changing one’s behavior is so important and intended that you wait for the first of a new year. Seems arbitrary and ill-fated. BUT there are some who should make resolutions and I’m kind enough to make suggestions.

Castle Project: Hi, super cool band I first heard on an episode of the super cool show, Shattered. (Which I REFUSE to talk about because I am still so sore and sour.) I’d link to your website, but it appears to be a black page with only the words, “it’s you i’ll leave behind”. O_O Erm. Mkay. I guess maybe making a band project as response to divorce should’ve been the first red flag. But you’re so good! ARGH! The resolution I bestow unto you: if you’re gonna have a haunting song on a TV show, perchance make that song available ANYWHERE for future listening or PURCHASE. I know, I know. You don’t care about money, right? But you clearly care about having an audience or you wouldn’t record and distribute so, um. Yeah. Help me love you.

Texas: I’m not picking on you; I’m sure I could easily find the numbers for how many other American states have done this in the last ten years, but your name just rolls off the tongue. Resolution: STOP FALSELY IMPRISONING BLACK MEN FOR THE BETTER PORTION OF THEIR NATURAL LIVES. ::ahem:: I’d just say MEN but who are we kidding.

Me: Wait, whuh?!?! Yeah, I know, I know. But seriously, something’s been bothering me and I can’t even phrase it properly. Resolution: Be steadfast in the truth. Talking about race is sometimes a losing battle. Not only because it demonstrates just how ingested bigotry and wrong-thinking is, but because it takes the focus away from reality: My identity is in Christ. Period. Yes, I live on Earth but I don’t have to be captive to it. This is gonna be a hard one, honestly. Did I mention my degree’s in Sociology? And that book I lovingly refer to as my white whale? And the fact that I’m raising a  son to understand what he is versus what people want to decide, think, decree – in America and whatever country in which we actually live. When really all he needs to know is that he’s a child of God. And wicked cool.



3 thoughts on “Et Bonne Annee, Grandmere!

  1. I love resolutions! It’s a chance to start new. You’ve got a clean slate – A blank White Page, if you will – and I love thinking about all the lovely ways to fill it!

    I dare say you shall fare better with our resolution than I do with mine.


    Sorry. No other comment. Once I saw the bottom pic I stopped paying attention to the blog.

    GIMME HIM!!!


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