Reindeer Games

I know you guys have been wondering about my work-out regimen. (Sometimes I make things up.) So I thought I’d share my newest set of exercises with you. These I borrowed from the possibly nonexistent Jane Fonda Winter Wonderland Work-Out Video.

Exercise 1

1) Wearing heavy snow boots, begin with your legs together and the pelt of a whimsical nymph around your head for warmth.

2) Raise your leg away from your body, keeping your balance intact.

3) And you’re done! Do not attempt more than one repetition without a physician present.

Exercise 2

1) Find a heavy duty piece of timber.

2) Don’t forget to lock your elbows!

3) Lift the timber to your chest (or as high as you can manage).

4) Wait for someone to assist in putting it down.

And as always, PLEASE. Safety first. Always stretch before exercising. Failing that, don’t exercise at all. (You can trust me. I lived with a doctor.)

Merry Christmas!!!


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