Wha’ Happah!

There are few things more homicide-inducing than the “your account has been locked” message. O_O Makes me wanna poke-a.

In other news, I am — wow. That’s like two hours that passed in the course of not finishing that sentence. That’s gotta be some kind of a record. (Jennifer, what am I quoting. No, seriously, I can’t even remember.)

It’s nearly Christmas, it’s beautiful and snowy outside, I’m not being quite as productive as I’d like to be. You know that feeling when something is keeping you from doing something? Yeah, I got that thing.

This is just the worst blog post. And I know from bad blog posts.

We’re devolving to one-liners now.

Just so you know.

Metro finally stocked the carousel of hard candies I’ve been waiting for. Viva life.

I haven’t been to Tweetdeck in like three days and now I’m ascared.

The Macs in Josh’s grad lab remind me of those venus fly traps that eat humans, mostly in cartoons. WHY is the screen so big? Why?

I’m feeling like kuksi might need to happen.

I’m not looking forward to Christmas so much as January because that’s when Mumsy is coming!! Yaaay! ::spins in circles under gently falling snow::

I’m kinda doing that thing where you spread the vegetables around on your plate to make it look like you’ve eaten enough to score dessert. I mean, if dessert were a thing that we did at my house. (It wasn’t.)


6 thoughts on “Wha’ Happah!

  1. Hi! I got that thing, too. The one where you should be doing something, but you’re not. Your thinking about doing stuff or reading books or just staring out the window and liking the mental break.

    I hope you and your family have a great Christmas.


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