Whoops, That’s Dumb

So the Salvation Army won’t distribute toys that they feel contradict their beliefs. And – surprise! – someone has a problem with that. The much-deployed “forcing your beliefs on others” attack, how very …common. Lemme see if I can break this down for you.

Having beliefs and convictions actually requires that my actions match said beliefs, otherwise they’re just conversation pieces and as abundant as lip service is, it’s surprisingly useless. That doesn’t mean there’s a 100% success rate in anyone’s life, but all our scores match if we’re talking failure ratio so let’s agree to stay on topic. The point is: if I own a business, my practices should be expected to adhere to my belief system. How this is cause for criticism is well beyond me. This constitutes having beliefs, not forcing them on someone else. I mean, are we in crazy town now?! In order to respect the fact that you don’t share my beliefs, I should act in a way that contradicts mine? Go ‘head and explain to me how that’s not offensive. Pushy “liberals” are the BEST (worst).


4 thoughts on “Whoops, That’s Dumb

  1. your discourse may not be understood by all. could you please translate. (hint: you may have to use more polite conversation and politically correct phrases.) in fact, several translations may be necessary for east coast, west coast, university affiliates, maybe even a rap version. i mean, after all, everyone should be able to understand. it’s not fair if they don’t.


    • How ’bout this: unless the Salvation Army threatens to come into your home and take *your* toys, simply not distributing some toys does not constitute “forcing their beliefs” on you.


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