Oh hi, Mark.

I can tell you with all certainty that *nothing* says Happy Holidays like a thick blanket of snow. 😀 My family was quite pleased with it today and I – being me, by which I mean myself – have made a video to share our festive joy!

Before I unveil it, I shall give you a few highlights of recent life. The hubby is finishing his final assignment of his final taught class of his MA; EzMez had his first monologue performance this past Sunday @ the church’s Christmas Contata – in the telling of Jesus’ birth, he recited Luke 2:1-7. I was there and video was taken…but I had a massive momfail and it is unuseable. When the church’s video goes live, I shall share it! Anyway, it was wonderful and I couldn’t be prouder and neither could the rest of his Montreal family.

I recently saw the inciting incident for a dark novel I didn’t intend to write any time soon. The funny thing is I thought I knew where it was going to start, seeing as about a year ago I wrote a synopsis of the book – which was another first as far as process goes. Anyway, so the other thing is it’s first person present tense. Present tense is a necessity – and to be honest I don’t think a novel should be in present tense unless it’s a necessity. And I’m kind of surprised that a work-in-progress of several years (clearly it’s considered a wip even when it’s dormant for stretches of time) is also going to be shifting to first person…I’ve been feeling compelled, at least. I’ll admit that while writing that sentence the matter doesn’t seem as urgent as the dark novel I just starting writing, but I do think it’s necessary. I also thought I’d work on the logline for that long-in-progress novel and I’ve considered that it might end up being rewritten entirely, not that the story elements wouldn’t go to good use, but that it will…yeah, be rewritten. I like to repeat myself. O_O

Okay, that’s enough boring you! VI-yo time!


9 thoughts on “Oh hi, Mark.

  1. Ah, snow!

    We had snow in London, so of course everything shut down and I had to work from home so I built a snowman (for inspiration/copy ideas/etc) and named him Mr. Puddle.

    But then it got all warm and Mr. Puddle almost melted, but then it got cold again so now there is an anorexic snowman in our garden, Also his face melted off. Very sad.

    Oh dear. My WIP is present-tense. I hope it will come to a better end than Mr. Puddle.


  2. snowboarding season! Have you and your guys been up north yet? So picturesque. Laurentians are beautiful in winter.

    Lovely video. Ezra will def miss winter when you go back to Cali.


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