What Would You Say

Don’t bite the mailman?

Hey there, December. I’ve had a few favorite songs involving the mention of a particular month (well that sentence was overwritten) and I do believe there was one for you.  Hey, this looks like a good time to list my favorite month songs!

February Stars – Foo Fighters

1000 Julys – Third Eye Blind

November – Duncan Sheik

December – Collective Soul

Aaand Foo Fighters wins in both collection and song for that group, so here they are.

Did I miss any of my favorites? Who knows. (You might. Let me know.) That was 90s-land and I have longsince expatriated, mon frere. By which I mean…you know…literally progressed in age since then…not that I wouldn’t listen to awesome music from then. And yes it does exist. Just you know…not much from the actual radio line-up of the day. Well, I suppose that’s true of any generation, no?

::thoughtful nodding::


2 thoughts on “What Would You Say

  1. A Long December – Counting Crows (amazing)
    When September Ends – Green Day (less amazing)

    No idea if these are your favourites. But A Long December should be. It is great. Even when it’s not December.


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