Thanksgiving Indeed!

So, I’m still mentally obsessed with my sisters and how I am not with them this holiday season and I thought, what better way to share with you my adoration of them but with more clothes! HahZAH! Since this is the Thanksgiving season, I shall first share with you something I already own.

He's the boogie-woogie bugle boy of Company B!

Do excuse the thermal shirt and headgear – it’s November in Montreal and I just got in from picking up the child-god from school. But, on to the SKIRT. If I remember correctly, I thrifted this during my freshman year at UCSC and I nearly died. I then put it in my closet… hid it really…and never wore it. It was just. Too perfect. For words. Can’t even remember how much it cost but it must have been a good deal because I was a college freshman and I snatched her up like the war was ending! I have never. worn it. O_O Pleats, ladies. Copious amounts of pleats in misleading flaps that make it look like she has pockets. And back pleats! *homer drool*

I shall wear her for us all, ladies.

And now, since Christmas is just around the corner. On to things I WANT.

Yes. And on sale for $29.99, Yellow? Yes, PLEASE.

And I can’t even find a plume fascinator hat worthy of posting, not even to give you a visual. But know that it’s likely a peacock plume(s) and it’s glorious!

And, because I realize you too have desires…a present from me to you. Well. From SNL.

::DYING:: Too much goodness. Mr. Jones!

No, no, no, no way, they’re not wearing pants suits! *TEARS*



7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Indeed!

  1. Well, first, the skirt is so you. And you wear it brilliantly. As for the dang SNL skit. HILARIOUS. I’m dying at Taylor Swift’s Shakira. Dead on.


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