Clemons Family Fun!, or: Chaos Skype!

This is what it looks like to be loved.

So, my family – or a lot of it anyway – convened in my hometown in California for Thanksgiving. None of these skype screenshots captured everyone so here’s the roster.

Daddy, Mom, Mama, (little big sister) Ana, (tiny big sister) JenJen, Andy, (youngest brother) Carlton, Thanos, Zain, Mad, Ayanna, Ayanna’s mom, pregnant LaShonda. There’s three nephews and a niece in there! All six or younger, which contributed substantially to the screaming fun!

So they (read: Andy) hooked a laptop to the television and broadcast our Montreal diaspora on the big screen after rearranging the living room so we could see (most of) them. It was hours of Clemons chaos, hilarity and yelling. I mean, we would have been yelling anyway and I feel like anyone who’s family consists of more than three people wouldn’t even mention the decibel level because, hi. That’s normalcy. The difference this time was being the “outsider”, much of my yelling was to no avail. 🙂

As I’ll actually be going to an American Thanksgiving celebration this Thursday, it was good to do the big get-together early. Thank you, fam-bam, for making us feel special even though we’re so far away!

(I’ll post some pics taken from California when I get them.)

HOW could I forget that I took a transporter to California the other day and took a picture with my sisters!


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