Mostly for JenJen

So people are doing this whole 30/30 remixing thingy wherein you choose 30 articles of clothing (not including accessories, I think) and wear them in a variety of ways for 30 shopless days. Guess who’s doing it? Not me, but my classy lassy sister. In homage to her awesomeness, I present: What I Wore Yesterday. This outfit is not perfect but I love so much about it. My wayward hair not withstanding, I thought JenJen, my tiny big sister, might like it, too.

“B” Necklace: JCPenney

Shirt: JCrew

Sweater dress: Forever XXI

Jeggings: Forever XXI

Boots: Brooklyn

I ❤ this shirt big time. Like <4 big time. (That’s a shout-out to my Cait-Cait!) I haven’t worn it as much as I’d like because it’s sheer and I am in severe need of varying vests (more conservative than the ones I have), blazers and the like. It’s really rather delectable, is all.

I’d like to see it with another pair of shoes. I say as though it’s outside of my control. 🙂

Entyway! I just got back from the crazy theatre – as in that place I went to see Alice In Wonderland a while ago. Turns out if you get there before the movie starts (there are no previews) and find your stupidly low seat before the lights go out, it’s super cozy and lovely and fun. We went to see How To Train Your Dragon and had such a good time! The movie was JAMAZING, and the entire time I was like – this. must be. the best MG (I’m assuming) book EVAR. But possibly a close contender for the best part of the trip? There was an antiques sale at Decarie Square or whatever it’s called.

JENNIFER. Antique locks, a huge heavy key – sweet.merciful.mudflaps. – a billion cameos, crazy old pistols, quite large framed Victorian pictures… as in. Framed pictures of actual people. Heirloom photos that I don’t even care how you got them or why those families don’t want to keep them – GIVE UNTO ME.



::hoarse whisper:: Jenny. My smelling salts.


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