Ode To Mumzy

Breathe this in.

Seriously. Even the cinder blocks cannot destroy the awesomeness of this. I could’ve started at the beginning and told you how my GodMaMa loves garden frogs and how one year I found what I still think is the most awesometastic standing garden frog wearing a straw hat and carrying a real lantern and how I quite possibly love it more than she does. Or I could talk about how I’m a writer and my irrational love of typewriters as an aesthetic. (And yes, that’s a link because duh.)

So now I live on the opposite side of the continent from her and I haven’t seen her in forever! (Well, except for that four days in September.) But anyway, the *point* is how I NEVER see her, EVER! So imagine the adorable cuteness of walking out of a girlfriend’s building to find THIS. (Well, not that, but the pictured above.) It was actually like seeing a picture of she and I together. Which would in actuality look more like this:

Still. I think the garden one is pretty good, too.


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