You Are Hearing Me Talk

Jessie Nelson is the creator of two of my absolute favorite movies.


I’ve watched both these movies recently (quel surprise!) and. Gah. I just love them. Seriously. Not to mention both have absolutely beautiful scores. (Thomas Newman’s “Home Movies” selection in Corrina, Corrina when Manny is watching footage of his deceased wife is just…glorious.) Both these movies are equal parts humor and drama and have great performances.

So why – both times – did I find myself crying like I’ve never seen them?! Yeah. The kids in these movies are relatively the same age. Oh and so is my son. Yeeeeah. My son who now expresses himself in ways that are sometimes poetic, surprising, eloquent, simple and heartbreaking. Who wonders why we can’t be together forever (to which I wonder who said so and how does he know?!). Who grins and sighs when we all cuddle in the same bed and concludes that the world is perfect. Who still lets me carry him and kiss his face off in the metro. See, I’ve been watching one of these movies since I was a kid. It made me think about my parents. Suddenly, it makes me think about my husband (and therefore Manny’s storyline is heartbreaking even more) and my son. And that is just a new level of heart-wrenching. It also makes me love Jessie Nelson even more because she so beautifully captures the true-to-life little instances that really show the love knitted within families…you know, just as she’s showing how it might be coming undone.

When Molly first spoke this last time I watched it? Tears. I could imagine Ezra wondering whether something that tragic was his fault. The way Molly expresses herself was just so touching.

Of course you already know how much I love these movies. [Having looked over my blog, I realize I’ve actually mentioned it too many times to repost here….HAH!] I’m pretty sure I’ve quoted it here and professed my ability to quote Corrina, Corrina in its entirety. And I don’t say that as one of those things people say as hyperbole to sell you on something. I say it as a woman who will unabashedly and upon the slightest provocation perform the movie with my sister, JenJen, or Heather, with whom I would sing a lounge singer/Percy medley in the co-ed showers throughout our freshman year at university. I am not to proud to use stuffed animals for this performance, either.

So your homework is of course to watch whichever of these movies you have somehow existed without experiencing. There will be a test. All the better if you simply gush in the comments about how splendiferous they are. 🙂


13 thoughts on “You Are Hearing Me Talk

  1. I realize we haven’t known each other that long so you can be excused for not knowing my rule about not watching movies that make me cry.

    I’ve seen both (alone) and blubbered like a fool.

    Will you be providing tissue with this homework or shall I just use my sleeve?


    • *Why* would you have such a rule!! Mine is nearly the opposite. I love me some action flicks but when I really want to get into something…::sigh::

      The latter was one of three movies playing on a loop on the honeymoon cruise ship. We watched it every night. O_O

      SINCE you have seen them, you are excused from the homework. And may instead watch The Hours, The Soloist or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


      • Eeevil. Pure eeevil.

        Also – please youtube your acting out Corrina Corrina.

        And I also should have mentioned that I love how you relate these movies to your own life. Shortly after I had my oldest child, I remember watching a nature program about gorillas. One of the mother gorillas had a baby who died in infancy. Mama carried that baby around for days before she would accept the fact that he was dead. I sat on my sofa, clutching my own baby to my breast bawling my eyes out. I totally got it.


        • Dude, I don’t know my sister and I didn’t do it when we met up in September. We’re so lame. I’ll get some stuffed animals to play Jevina and Corrina, though.

          HOMG, I’VE SEEN THAT AND I CRIED MY EYES OUT. Especially because Ezra automatically hugs me back in his sleep when I go disturb him to pick him up and put him in my lap while I watch heartbreaking scenes and so I had these little baby arms hugging me back while this mama gorilla’s baby’s arms were dangling lifelessly. O_O


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