Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

[This] is what a [new] work-in-progress looks like. [For a while anyway.] Maybe a [day], maybe a few(?). It’s how I note when a [phrase] or word or formatting element(?) isn’t hitting the nail on the head for me without pausing in the actual writing. The [trance] is important and lovely to me -(?) and I don’t like interrupting it.

Which brings me to my writing – and life – approach. Rolling revisions. I don’t know how everyone else works, but I do not write an entire draft without revising and I promise you I never will. It seems rather impossible anyway. Especially because some is written longhand that is then transcribed into the laptop and who can transfer text leaving it completely intact? Then there’s the fact that I read the previous scene before I begin the next scene and work on those bracketed segments. Then midway through the book, the beginning or close to it will make more sense in terms of the presentation of the character or the chronology or something like that and I go back to the beginning and work all the way back up through the novel.

This is why I have no idea how many revisions of any given book I’ve done. With The Momentary Light Afflictions (aka the White Whale), I always count the number of times the book had been set down, tied with a bow, considered “finished” – leaving out the rolling revisions throughout. Which means I only rewrote that book … four times. Which of course means I’m on number five. But I finally found it. The little hitch.

And so, my brothers and sisters…yeah, I have no idea why I said that. Or where I was going with it. What are you guys up to. Please don’t say Nanowrimo. Not because I have something against it so much as I get all crotchety and irritable and haven’t figured out how to stop hearing about it all the day long without unfollowing basically *everyone* on Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

    • I’m writing a book right now but yeah, no. Seriously, I wonder about these twitter wars and how useful it can be to compete for word count… I guess I’m not of the school of “just write crap to get it going”, though.


  1. Guess what I did today?

    No. Not THAT.

    I rescued old posts from my deleted blog. They’re on my rss reader and I want to cut and paste them for archives or maybe even future use.

    But not THAT. Promise.

    Also, I tinker. Even on my The Word I Can’t Say draft, I’ve already tinkered.


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