Said I Loved You…

No, this post won’t be about how much I love Michael Bolton’s voice and how anyone who claims he wasn’t amazing is a vicious liar who’s looking back through 90s-bashing lenses and is that “h” word that I can’t bring myself to use. (But all that is true.)

Basically, my whole life is Avrilis and therefore I have been ___ at blogging. I can’t keep saying how lackluster my blogage has been because the only thing worse than not having something to read is reading about how you didn’t have anything to read before. It’s like that person who calls you to complain about how you never call.’Cause I TOTALLY wanna call you now, buddy. <eyeroll>

This post is also not about the fact that we had taco night with friends and watched the new bastardization of Clash of the Titans. (How come that actor can’t figure out how to either effectively hide his accent or just give up and stop trying to hide it?!) First of all, the tacos were NOT how the hubby-cook intended to make them but we had to make due – not that they weren’t great anyway, but still. No corn tortillas at the store so…no Jimboys fried taco shells with parmesan. Le sigh. Oh and they decided to skimp on the composer’s budget so we got a name I don’t recognize and an attempt at rock-epic… LE. sigh. Oh and apparently this version wanted to blur the line between Zeus and Hades with God and Satan…which makes none of the sense for a variety of reasons, but mostly made the whole paradigm that exists between humans and gods in greek mythology weird. Just didn’t hit the right tone for me. That and the use of Muslim djinn “demons” was… Just what were they doing?! Why did they think there was something wrong with the existing mythology? Like, we’re clearly in love with that whole thing or we wouldn’t still be reading/watching it. Do NOT try to reinvent the wheel, people. And then the expository dialogue?! AGAIN. WE ARE FAMILIAR WITH MYTHOLOGY. Lord. And the license that was taken? Not complex and confusing enough to talk like moronic gossips. (Which is not to say I wasn’t confused. But it was more like, “It’s you, not me.” Or “Hm. That’s dumb.”)

But it was pretty. I’ll let you know if I’d watch it again. That decision takes a while to determine. For instance, I thought I’d rewatch Precious by now but yeah, that hasn’t happened. The intensity and character development that was missing leaves little reason. I’d watch particular scenes again but I can’t really commit to the whole movie when it’s that lazy.

That is all.

And, I think we’ve been over this, but yes there’s a reason I don’t blog about this aspect of my literary endeavor. But know that it’s exciting. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Said I Loved You…

  1. I want to see Clash of the Titans, but I don’t. I like the campy version, you know?

    And what? I think there’s only so much writerly stuff we can do in a day. I think it’s very cool that you’re focusing on Avrilis. That’s the only way that piece is going to be finished, right?


    • They achieved film perfection with the claymation Medusa and everyone knows it. This one was entirely CG.

      I mean I don’t blog about the query process, which I love reading about on other people’s blogs, lol.


    • I think it’s definitely worth a watch. The other thing I didn’t mention – didn’t seem to be much rising action/tension. Last scene was actually less climactic than the ones before, in my opinion.


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