Where. In The World Is. Carmen Sandiego.

My sisters and I were normal kids. Whatever. I don’t know if that’s true or not. And I just realized that I’ve already mentioned one of our …eccentricities in this post from ’09. I’ll tell you anyway because you’re not the boss of me.

I’m not sure what exactly prompted this recollection, but I do remember how often we did it. My dad had not only the published stage play of A Raisin In The Sun, but he also inexplicably had several printed copies of the script. Come to think of it, I should totally ask him what was up with that… Anyway, so like I’ve told you before, my siblings and I liked to perform things. And it always came back to Raisin. Of course, the only real question was who got to be Walter Lee. Because he got to say “Damn all the eggs that ever was” pretty early on in the first scene. I think that’s probably why we “performed” it so many times. Everybody wanted to be Walter Lee. As far as we remember, we all played it Danny Glover style since back then we were just imitating other peoples’ performances.

The thing I actually have to ask my parents. Did they think we were normal? Like, seriously. We were really rather young. This didn’t seem … alarming? Like, hey, my kids might have social disorders that will later preclude them from interacting normally and functioning in this increasingly interpersonal society of ours. Questions for Thanksgiving. (Hah. If my family did huge Thanksgiving dinners like in the movies.)

Second thing. Carmen Sandiego. I’m pretty sure I mentioned how my sisters and I had Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego for our PC. We played it so often – and were such [insert word here] – that we had a binder complete with country profiles (which we made over the course of playing the game, bien sur) so that we solved every game in record time once that binder was done. BUT. There was another game – my game. Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego. And I just remember it being SO amazing looking, graphics wise and so interesting. When you start, you’re in the precinct and you can get yourself a cup of coffee (squee!) which about half of the time falls over on its side in the dispenser and then your character either says or the text just appears: Butterfingers!


Anyway, what I remember most about this game is my sisters never wanted to play it with me. (Did I mention we used to play WITW together in the computer room. Meaning whomever wasn’t at the keyboard was manning the binder.) Why? Because it seemed impossible to beat. I’m pretty sure there was a timer. I remember winning once or twice, but it was impossible to record data in our new binder because of the clock issue!

Yep. Those were the graphics over which I salivated. And remember that whole beginning of game being in the precinct? LOOK!

I mean, I was only a child. How was I supposed to reSIST.

Supposedly I can play this on console classix….le sigh. Someday.


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