That Thing Brick Said About Bears

So I’ve never been to Washington D.C. But. I have not been to Washington D.C. And I can assure you that the D.C. of last night’s dream was not the real D.C.

You know that thing of when you think a thought in a dream and then the thought shifts the dream? Mkay, so I was thinking – in dream – that I should take the train to D.C. since I just got back from NYC and loved the train ride. (Although I have no reason outside of sightseeing to go to DC – I can stop using the periods now right ’cause they’re getting on my nerves.) Anyway, so suddenly, I was disembarking said train – only the train was invisible and it was more like I had already disembarked and said train had gone on its merry way in what would no doubt be record time for Amtrak. Oh and there weren’t any train tracks anyway.


Okay. So, I get off the train that never was and I am not horribly surprised to find myself looking out over lush green hills of rolling meadow. I immediately start down an incline, smelling the dew on the grass. No really, it smelled lovely. But as I’m getting to the base of the hill, I’m getting more and more concerned about the ADULT GRIZZLY BEARS lounging around me and at the bottom of the hill. I’ve already passed one on my right and now am too frightened to go back to the train-that-never-was and now to my left on the mount of another rolling hill is a MOTHER bear with her cub (who may or may not have been mentally disabled) and to my left is another full grown bear and at the bottom are several more. So now I’m surrounded by bears. They haven’t seemed to take notice of me just yet but I’m pretty sure the mother’s gonna eat my kidneys. And their pelts were damp and slicked into dark brown triangles and they were rolling around on the blanket of wet grass and it was the realest dream ever and I would have cried were it not for the burning that was going on in my throat.

Did you watch that documentary? That poor guy. But I wish he’d been there to get ate while I tried to find the train.

Anyway, the dream ends there. With the knowledge that I’m not long for the earth.


11 thoughts on “That Thing Brick Said About Bears

    • I think I’d rather go with the dude I pictured’s documentary, which just shows highlights from the dude-and-girlfriend-who-were-eaten… Already seen a picture of a decapitated and de-pawed cub in that video you linked. Mmmmmgross.


  1. I have a friend who does dream interpretation. I’d love to lay this one on her.

    Bears, disappearing trains, a burning sensation in your throat? Some of that sounds like acid reflux. Not deadly like a bear, but painful nonetheless.

    Take the train to D.C. You’ll love it. It’s a great city to tour.


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