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This blog is not all about television reviews.

But if it were, I’d tell you that (a) I officially watch pretty much whatever GlobalTV.ca offers, (b) Shattered is a show that’s much better than it’s hook (as in, it’d be a fine ensemble cop show without that whole gimmick that I still think is pretty dumb, despite the fact that I love Callum Keith Rennie – Canada! You did it! You made something I like!) …

aaaand, let’s see. (C) Outsourced is not a big pile of offensive (yet) as the trailer made me think it would be. Mild laughs, generally enjoyable.

And in untelevised news, I saw Wicked while in New York this past weekend and I can’t get the music out of my head. Mostly because Kate Rose Clarke was brilliant and Mandy Gonzalez has a great voice for the part. (I heard previous actresses in both roles and was like, thankyaJesus. Would NOT have enjoyed.) I’d post pictures but…(see below)

Speaking of New York, I will now force upon you graciously allow you to see a snippet of our loverly get-together! Do enjoy!

P.S. Thanks for your congrats on the pitch-to-query contest – my journey ended at finalist, but the queries are back up (aaaaagain…) for more feedback – to be honest I’m not sure why – so now’s your last chance (maybe?) to comment on any of them. (Link.)


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