They’ll Miss American TV

Please remind me to blog about watching the pilot episode of Lonestar with the actor whose Native American name must be “Acts with his face”. Knew by the quirkiness of said mouth and how he holds it that this show couldn’t possibly be on real tv (ie NBC). Joshua doubted me. We’re watching – they’re giving exposition like nobody’s business, literally placing tear stains on the guys’ face and expecting us to buy this ridiculous storyline…yeah. FOX strikes again. LAME. SO lame. Everybody overact now! *people on beach blankets start doing the monkey*

How hard did it try, you ask?

Too hard.

Also, Andykins sent me this song which totally reminds me of my Avrilis book and makes me wanna see a trailer (as in movie trailer) with it:


6 thoughts on “They’ll Miss American TV

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