The Grab-Baggiest Post Ever

“Arrriiight.” Okay, so my little big sister, Anastasia, and Joshie made me think of it in their blog comments yesterday so now I’m watching all of my favorite Janice and Ray sketches from the Catherine Tate Show! And no, I could not post fewer than three! LOVE.

And despite changing Ray – this is seriously one of my favorites:

In completely unrelated thoughts: Over at Betsy Lerner’s blog, I commented about the way a writer isn’t allowed to respond to the question “so what are you working on” with “you wouldn’t be interested”. Trust me on that one. I think people assume if you’re a writer than of course you love to talk (to anyone, apparently), you love to hear yourself talk and you love to be the center of (anyone’s) attention. Therefore your attempts at gracefully sidestepping conversations being steered toward your work are just preludes to the conversation you’re *dying* to have. It’s just precious of you to be so falsely modest or timid when really what you wish is that everyone always asked you that all the time forever.


“Give me strength.”

And this! Because I’m addicted to showing you what I wear….? I blame JenJen.

My poses are pretty straight forward because…I’m debilitatingly self-conscious when someone’s taking my picture outside. O_O Just get it over with!

And I guess I have to do this since I posted it.

Pleated shirt: Talbots

Pants: JCrew

Chino 3/4 Sleeve jacket: JCrew (HEART!)

Shoes: Um. (Um is not a store.) Target?

Necklace: Street vendor in Playa Del Carmen

Aaand sorry the inside of my pocket got all greedy there.

8 thoughts on “The Grab-Baggiest Post Ever

  1. Another reason to like you! I love Catherine Tate. Her talent blows me away.

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who is uncomfortable talking about what she’s working on.

    And finally, I love that whole outfit, but I’m crazy about those shoes.


    • YES! Catherine Tate FTW! I cannot. Stop. Watching her.

      What I love most about being a practical girl (as in I won’t do very much for beauty) is slipping into red flats before leaving church today. 🙂 It was lovely while it lasted, pretty heels. But this here city terrain is murderous.


  2. Andy doesn’t get the awesomesauce that is Catherine Tate. o_O WUT?!
    Sam and Paul FTW, am I right? “This…is a BLINDER.”
    And your outfit is soo cute! I love it all, especially the pants and shoes.


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