Food Goes In Here

Three things I’m eating right now (or in the recent past) – and we are only talking about junk food. Nobody likes reading about health food that someone’s loving. It’s pretentious. It makes the writer feel good about themselves and the rest of us might try to rationalize that we’ve done something right just by contemplating skipping unadulterated snack food for the sake of some roasted soy beans but honestly? Life’s too short. On to my list of three!

First Croatia gave us that hot actor from ER and now banana flavored candy. What’s not to love?

Nom nom nom

And, what isn’t improved by jalapeno cheddar?! TRULY.

The smell alone makes me happy.

Oh, okay, and I’m also in love with these things!

Seriously? I need to have those three things at my disposal for always. (I really wish the flavor of the popcorn was as strong as the smell, to be totally honest.) I’ve noticed a sharp decline in my chocolate consumption. Not when it comes to ice cream (which I almost never eat anyway since the only kind I eat is even *more* expensive in food-should-cost-a-fortune-Canada), but otherwise? Yeah, hard candy, banana candy, mint FTW.

I’d tell you three forms of junk food I miss but I wanna stay positive today. x_x (And I’m just talking about in the last gone-from-America year, not even counting all these treasures of old!)


4 thoughts on “Food Goes In Here

  1. My current favorite junk food is ahh… that Dr. Pepper with real sugar I guess. Oh, and Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookies (the little round ones, NOT the weird bar ones).


  2. I’m on a Hershey’s bar kick. A few weeks ago, it was those creme drops that my Grandma always had at the holidays.

    When I lived in France, I made a journal entry about all the foods I missed. Peanut butter and Oreos topped the list.


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