But The Pavement Always Stayed Beneath My Feet Before

I won’t even apologize, that’s how bad I’ve been at blogging this month. I want to pretend I don’t know what you’re talking about – and also, apparently pretend you’ve been talking about it. And also…I wish I had something super fun about which to talk to you. Soon? We shall see. *cryptic messages must be followed by the steepling of fingers*

So this:

Shirt: JCrew

Skirt: JCrew

Shoes: Target

Necklace: Columbus Circle during Christmas (NY)

Shades: Juicy Couture

Earrings: Present from Joshie

Gather, children, and I shall tell you a tale. The tale of the majesty of JCrew. *People disperse* WAIT! I know we’ve been over this before but I will ne’er recover! I saw these inverted pleat skirts in the catalog for $68, I think? And I was like, must have, sorry. Brown and the one pictured above. But the Holy Spirit, in His infinite wisdom and interest in my shopping delights, suggested that I go in to the boutique size store in Roseville Galleria (divine, as it is). And LO! I did go. Only to find that – like SO many items in boutique JCrew locations – the skirts were on sale. For $15 each. And they had my size. In the brown and the creme. *falls down*

Jesus! *fans self with church lady fan*


9 thoughts on “But The Pavement Always Stayed Beneath My Feet Before

  1. People really need to appreciate your J.Crew phase now. Little do they know that Zara’s is horning in on the fashion action in between your ears.

    And I may start my own knock off brand,
    Jay Jay Kru


  2. Oh, God! You are talking about how bad YOU have been at blogging. I have blushed beet red in shame.

    Also, we don’t have J. Crew (I think). I’d like to say I miss it but to be honest, I could never afford it anyway. But here there is Mango. And sometimes they have a 70% off sale. Heart.


  3. I love sale stories. *fist pump*
    The second picture is my favorite. And when we go to New York I need to hit up Zara and see what everyone (Ana) is talking about!


  4. I think it’s a great outfit and there’s nothing wrong with JCrew (and that’s coming from a college student so you know it’s ok. We’re the be all end all of fashion advice) and if it’s on sale all the better.


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