Short and Disconcerting

‘Member that Pitch to Query workshop jazz over at Adventures in Children’s Publishing (I mentioned it in this other post, that other time)? Here’s the link to mine so we can all peek through our splayed fingers together and see what kind of commentary I receive! Let the torture commence!

In other news, my son starts first grade tomorrow.

*falls off chair, fails to catch self before slamming face first into a puddle of sadness and woe*

THAT was summer? WHY DO CHILDREN HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL, PARTICULARLY FOR THIS MANY HOURS AND WHO SAID SO AND YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME! I’m. A little upset about it. So hopefully there’ll be some sort of contagious, flesh-eating pheromone in the teacher’s lounge that will necessitate the school being torn down and my son being placed on house arrest, preferably with the stipulation that he must hold my hand all day. O_O

I’ll let you know.


13 thoughts on “Short and Disconcerting

  1. I’ve got my eyes covered and ready to read over there.

    I’m past the parenting of little kids stage, but I remember. Some days I am ready to homeschool because 1. I’m sick of fighting with them about school and 2. Parenting by path of least resistance has worked just fine so far.


    • Yeah, I think people are egg-shell-ing it since we have to comment on each others, lol. Why the query distance?? (This is a place of encouraging or at least enabling baby-like behavior.)


  2. Bethany, you will still need to homeschool—in English. The way French School works here in Quebec discourages English. If you don’t school him at home in English after school,he will soon lose his ability to spell and pronounce English words correctly. Trust me, don’t doubt me, please. Kids learn language mostly on the playing field–case in point, the speech patterns and diction of American inner city kids.
    My nephews went to French school.(Their dad is French but was schooled in English so they have English school papers. Their mom however thought French school would be PC and cool.) Those kids speak English with a French accent where pronounciation of aitch (h) is ignored and “TH” is just “t” or “d”. Cute some from across the border would think, but I think not so, since English , for all intents and purposes, is now a second language for them.
    That’s okay for some, so if that what you want, then ignore my semi-political (LOL) rant.

    My son attends English high school after French immersion (50-50 eng/french). He began in private Eng school, but the french was insufficient and the Gov changed the law so I couldn’t claim his tuition on my taxes. I decided to send him to public Eng school.worst decision I ever made. I should have moved to ottawa of cornwall to ensure he got a proper English education because the QC Gov soon changed the rules and fazed out regular eng into french immersion.

    In some of his HS classes, (like science) he has no text books. I reinforce his science and math after school and on weekends. (we do something I call Math on the Path and his friends are free to join us as we explore our neighborhood with a mathematical POV.) That’s why I can’t dedicate myself completely to those novels I’ve started. But I digress.

    I realize you don’t have the papers required to send Ezra to English school, so the next best thing is to make absolutely sure he doesn’t lose his English.


    • Sending Ezra to French school was our choice – we’re on student visas from the US so we can send him to English school if we want.

      I do however homeschool him the same way I did in preschool. At home he still does phonics and reading and writing in English, thus far. It’s just how my family was raised. Clearly, he must be able to read and write in his native language. šŸ™‚


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