Well, You Know My Name Is Simon…

I like to blog when I’m tired because I have like zero filter.

Right, so you know when I don’t blog? It’s because there’s actually something to say and it’s not something that I think serves me as blog content. Which sucks because for those of you who I actually “know” – as in my commenter-friends – I actually want to tell you that stuff. This is kinda like when you tell someone you have a secret and you can’t tell them the secret. O_O Makes people understandably stabby.

OMG, I just watched Be Kind Rewind last night and how can Mos Def be so freaking adorable?! Lawd. I mean Danny Glover was pretty adorable himself, as usual, but I just am in super fake love with Mos. I remember when I first saw 16 Blocks. I wanted to eat his face.

Yes, that face. O_O I love his voice, mostly, and this is gonna sound weird but he kinda always seems sensitive. In the “wears-earmuffs-year-round” way. Oh, gimp love. No, but you know, just mildly socially awkward is what I love. Or Tim.

Piper Laurie was ’bout that, y’all. And if you don’t know why, you need to get the heck off my blog and go find that movie. I happen to have it on DVD. And I will never apologize.

Anyway, I love Mos Def.


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