THESE. Are Spirit Fingers.

How could I forget that Little Miss Rosemary gave me another blog award?! My brain is making up for all the productivity of the past month with an unauthorized bout of emergence delirium, that’s how.

sparkle, sparkle

And I’d like to pass it on to:

Cheryl – my WriteOnCon buddy whose query and sample immediately won me (and others)

Kimberly – a new blog pal who leaves comments! I <3!

JenJen’s Style Blog – because I lurve it!

So, you may (or most decidedly not) have noticed that my writing pages have been altered. While I left up a couple shorts, the other samples are gone (but not really). My desire to revisit my adult literary white whale novel has been growing and I knew once I was done with my last book that I’d make the changes that’ve been weighing on me. First of all, I want it back to my denser length – probably not entirely but a bit closer – and I also want to do an alternate sketch of the narrative. By the beginning or middle of September, methinks.

And. Top Three Reasons My Son Is Smacktacularly Perfect This Week:

(1) He begged Hubsy to get my clarinet out of the deep recesses of the closet so that we could play together – I on a woodwind that needs to go to the shop to actually be playable and he on his ukulele. Swoon.

(2) He watches Kiss Me Kate and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers in the living room by himself – he can now put on dvds without assistance – and LAUGHS.OUT.LOUD.

(3) He pets my hair when I pick him up.

nom nom nom.


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