Write. On.

Well, it’s pretty difficult to post right now. My head is pretty wrapped up in Avrilis. Aaaand WriteOnCon starts tomorrow! I have a pretty good idea that it will rock – more than it already does and it hasn’t even started yet – but tomorrow will tell for sure!

Aside from the critique forums – the ones that will be closed as of tomorrow – they’ve already had two pretty sweet opportunities, both regarding queries. There’s the mega query critique contest and the query call for a liveblogging event, for which I submitted my new query for The Last Life Of Avrilis. Aaaand I guess I’ll show it since I’m referring to it.


Sixteen-year-old Avrilis is a passive Sentient. Knowing that lifetimes are meant to replay exactly, she would willingly have suffered the déjà vu that plague her kind – but she didn’t get the chance. In this life, her mother died and her father vanished, destroying her repetition and damning her to emit the static electricity that the TeraSed hunt.

After a lonely Avrilis saves the life of a street urchin meant to die, the two discover the Sentient underground. Its inhabitants have a plan to end the world as she knows it. But Avrilis’ past life memories of loving a young man she hasn’t met and of her parents’ seeming connection with the TeraSed will not relent – not even when she discovers that her father is the living prophet of the underground.

Now Avrilis must choose between the boy whose life she saved and the one she’s loved in lives before. With the age again racing to its end and the freedom of the Sentient sparking changes no one can foresee, Avrilis must uncover the truth about her family while staying one step ahead of both the TeraSed and their prey.


If they’re trying to keep us all verklempt and twitterpated…it’s apparently working. Just a reminder: you don’t HAVE to be working on a YA title to take part in WriteOnCon (Andy)! Who’s comin’ with me?!

Please...just do what she says!


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