Harrison Ford. That’s The Title.

For once in a relatively long time, writing a blog post is the way I’m procrastinating – and not the thing from which I’m procrastinating. Don’tcha feel loved? Wanted? Appreciated? Indeed. But seriously, I don’t feel like washing my hair juuuust yet. Maybe after this. And after I eat a peanut butter cookie. Count the tiles in the bedroom. Blow spit bubbles. I also borrowed Blade Runner from my girlfriend and cannot WAIT to watch it.

So yeah, let’s just talk about Harrison Ford and why he was rightfully the man of my dreams when I was a kid. 1981 to 1991? Here’s his movie list (thanks, IMDB): Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blade Runner, Return of the Jedi, Temple of Doom, Witness, The Mosquito Coast (okay, I don’t think I’ve seen that one…), Frantic, Working Girl, The Last Crusade, Presumed Innocent, Regarding Henry. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS. That man was a machine. He owned the 80s, people. Seriously, the ones in bold are the ones with which I was particularly obsessed. My sisters and my mom and I watched all of them, bien sur. With that one exception that doesn’t sound familiar. But everybody knows the trilogies were amazing. And Working Girl – swoooooooon. But the bold ones? I cried myself to sleep over this man, people. O_O Ridiculous. (Not the fact that I did…that part’s totally understandable.)

There are too many pictures to choose from.

Forget it. I’m off to watch Blade Runner.

8 thoughts on “Harrison Ford. That’s The Title.

  1. Oooooh, how right you are. I adored “Regarding Henry” and “The Last Crusade” (I am still in denial of “The Crystal Skull – horrible, horrible movie) and stand by the crush I had on him.


  2. I hope you got the dvd that included the alternate ending and the cut scenes. Fabulous movie. Loved Daryl Hannah, joanna cassidy and sean young. Not so much in love with Harrison although I’ve seen all his movies. I thought he looked too old for me to swoon over– -which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since I loved Michael Douglas at that period in time. Later he became my main movie man. Loved him in Sabrina, Patriot Games, Air Force One, and all the other 90’s and beyond movies. Suddenly Mike Douglas got old and Harrison was da man, gracefully aging and giving charming understated performances.

    Hope you blog about Blade Runner. I love Cyberpunk more than Steampunk. Mind you, anything “punk” is facinating to me.


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