I’m Off To Market!

If you haven’t checked out my tiny big sister JenJen’s personal fashion blog, you should. It’s super fun and not super annoying and cookie cutter-but-I-like-to-consider-myself-unique-because-crazy-is-the-new-black like all the ones I can’t follow. Anyway, it makes every day of getting dressed more exciting, even if you’re not buying anything new. Which I think everybody should experience anyway. It’d probably reduce the number of homeless-looking people walking around (pajamas and uggs never were and never will be grocery shopping attire).

Anyway! So, I decided to do a post just for her and I’m hoping you other girls will show us a snapshot of your day-to-day style, as well! A break from writing or talking about writing or thinking about what we’re not writing sounds like fun, no? (And then we’ll get back to talking and breathing and eating writing, bien sur. Or whatever ridiculousness I usually impart.)

SO, aujourd’hui the boys and I were headed to Cote-des-Neiges marche for some fruit parce que c’est si moins cher (je peux dire ca?) – and I had to dress quickly to keep them from leaving me behind. Anyway, it turned out to be a lovely JCrew day.

Sailing T: JCrew

Matchstick jeans: JCrew

Red flats: Target

Summer Tote: JCrew

Earrings: Forever XXI

I haven’t worn these jeans in forever (the waist is huge and I had to get them…reinforced…somewhere) but I so miss the way they hug my ankles and look great with flats. Oh, JCrew. I miss you. Call me.

Perfect outfit for strolling Cote-des-Neiges today. Momentary sprinkles, otherwise overcast with a lovely breeze.

How was your day? If you post an outfit, send me a link and I’ll post it! And don’t forget to visit PrettyinPDX!


24 thoughts on “I’m Off To Market!

  1. You’re so cute! I’ve never been a J Crew girl, but I can now see the appeal. Since I never look that stylish (okay, maybe twice a year I do) I’m totally not posting a pic.


    • Awww, come on! 🙂 It’ll be fun! *nudge,nudge* Since I have no JCrew here in Montreal, I’m tempted to model some more of it…which I totally can’t do if I’m the only one, lolol.


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