Remember The Midnight Eternal Enemy

This doesn’t even begin to showcase all of the jamazing Christopher Pike novels I tore through between fifth and eighth grade. I desperately want to find a second hand bookstore and repurchase I have to read them again. In a month when I’m not writing a book (think Nanowrimo without the support of others and plus three birthdays and a wedding anniversary), I’m seriously considering rereading each one and posting a review.

The two pictures that I recall LURVING: The Eternal Enemy (memorable imagery: VHS – hahahahahahahahahahahahasorry; cyborg grandfather?) and Fall Into Darkness. The images are seared into my mind. I read his Last Vampire series last (and I distinctly remember her watching over the guy’s shoulder as he typed in his password and her thinking how silly he was to think he could move fast enough for her not to know it) but before those, Eternal Enemy was my favorite.

And WTH, how did I miss this?!? I assume this is when that offscreen romance started? Where was I?! Don’t think I won’t be youtubing this ish.

Does anyone else remember rolling their eyes in class at the sight of another kid reading R.L. Stine. Puh-shaw! Infantile. So much more to say but let’s see what happens in the comments.

Recap: I need these books. NO NEW COVERS. Originals only, thank you. Point me in their direction if you find them.


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