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Today, I have Miss Rosemary to thank for this new blog award. Merci beaucoup, cherie! I do so love the image!

As I recently did the seven things about me – and also as I must get to work on my STILL UNTITLED book – I shall spare you another retelling, though I’m considering sharing seven things Ezra says at a later date. Aaaand, also, since you already know the personal blogs I frequent, I will promise to add to the recipient list as I find more exciting blogs!

So, the three blogs I want to share with you.

(1) My tiny big sister’s brand spanking new personal fashion site, Pretty in PDX. If you haven’t guessed, she lives in Portland – which pretty much means she’s hipster cool, no? She are adorable, me believe.

(2) My little big sister’s (admittedly infrequently updated) blog, Haute in CA, which is entirely fashionista and deserves more attention than a full-time student and mama can sometimes give. But I figure if we bug her, she’ll get on it. And it is really lovely.

And finally (3) is the blog of writer/journalist/should-be-a-sociologist, Debra J Dickerson. You may have seen her principle blog on my roll (and now here) – Ms. Debra deserves a proper introduction. In August of 2004, I was introduced to an article of hers (entitled Racist Like Me, which you should read if you’re an observer/participant of the American community). I was writing TMLA, my novel involving muchos de social commentary, and I was blown away. In my experience – and I had just graduated with my BA in Sociology in March of that year – my thoughts, convictions and interpretations of historical and social theory were confounding to the ears of others, to say the least. Here she was supporting not only my theories but defending my right/ability/capability to posit them AND be in an interracial relationship. (Sigh) It all sounds so obvious….

Anyway! I wrote her a long, blathering email – because it didn’t occur to me that she might not want to hear everything about me and what I thought – and was shocked and awed and shawed to receive a response not long after. (Yes, I have these emails and all the ones since.) I’m not sure she ever realized what an amazing correspondence this has been for me and how it made me want to be the same for a young sociologist some day.

To find out more about Debra, aside from visiting her primary blog which I assume you’ve done by this point, visit her ChipIn site as well. And for spurts of hilarity or information, follow her on Twitter!

And. I think that more than makes up for only having three recipients. 🙂


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