WriteOnCon Shout-Out!

I’m super lame. I told Miss Rosemary I was gonna mention WriteOnCon like…days ago at this point? Right. That didn’t happen – but not because I’m not super excited about this online writer’s conference. (By the way, there’s a link back there and if you write MC-18 material – i.e. main characters of 18 and below – you should be checking it out…particularly their industry professional list!!)There’s a bunch more info that I’m not mentioning seeing as they have their own quite thorough website, so get thee to heaven, Beatrice. I mean. Check it out. 🙂

It takes place from August 10 – August 12th, entirely online, and registration is already open with several lively forums. Hoping to bring my still-untitled steampunk story along – which requires me to get back to work. So glad I have a fitting project!

7 thoughts on “WriteOnCon Shout-Out!

  1. I am totally going to attend WriteOnCon. I have a story that I’m writing about a 6 year-old boy who goes to military school because he is a super genius and the government that recruits him needs a general to command its forces against an alien species in a no-holds-barred-epic-space-war-smack-down.

    I call it “Neder’s Mega Anagram”.


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