And Into My Car

Dude. I had no less than five dreams last night, first of all. One was an “action/adventure” that thought it would work great in the book I’m working on. I’m not joking, my sleep brain was pitching to me while I was trying to sleep.

Myself, Jennifer and Jordan were attending our high school alma mater (but I feel like we were the ages we are now? and the a/b wing was classrooms on one side – you know, where Mr. Drew an’em were – and then the other side was all windows which sloped in an arch from the ceiling) and there was this female villian who. Was poisonous. Right. So we were at first in the band room (duh) and people in the instrument room kept fainting and then crumbling into clothes and dust. Whoever went to see what had happened would scream and scream and then suffer the same fate. So I quickly realized it was the dust that was infecting them when they started screaming. I told everyone – many of whom were crumbling in the chaotic running around. Anyway, so in a cafeteria (I say it that way because it wasn’t the ML cafeteria…nor would I frequent it, even in a dream) the girls were finally there and I saw this other young woman. Who looked like one of my friends here in Montreal (?!) and I knew – by her countenance because DUH that’s how you know bad guys – that she was responsible. As she walked by me, as closely as possible, I held my breath. Now we’re in the altered a/b wing and we’re trying to find one of the teachers but it appears all the rooms have been evacuated. Anyway, the teacher comes rushing out of the room and we’re explaining that there’s an actual person who is causing all this and that she’s poison incarnate and we have to defeat her.

So she knows we’re onto her and shows up in the wing and starts towards me, only now her mouth has widened to like a Venom-esque degree and she’s coming at me fast. I start spraying some purple foamy something or other from a tube as I’m backing away and it’s filling her mouth – whatever the stuff is, it doesn’t hurt her, it just keeps her airborne poison from getting to me. Only the tube is running out and I’m screaming for the girls to think of something. They come running up and grab the Venom-girl from behind, knocking her to the floor and as I pick myself up off the ground, I yell over my shoulder to Teacher for – I have no idea because I literally trailed off as the dream came to a close. O_O WHAT? How am I supposed to write about it, dream brain, if I don’t even know what happened?!

And also, that’s a horrible story, dream brain. I’m gonna pass.


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