Writerly Ramblings

Okay, I guess you guys’ve made it pretty darn clear you’re not gonna write this blog for me. Thanks a lot. 😛

How about tense, huh? It usually seems so straightforward – particularly when one isn’t writing about a future-past. O_O But seriously, sometimes, especially when coupled by a first person narrative, it bugs the crap out of me. My brain gets stuck on what it “should” be, by virtue of where in time the narrator is fixed and what they knew at the time in the narrative versus what they now know and all that junk that I’m sure any editor would just see as inconsistent. But, honestly, there *is* (in my mind) a reason… and yet I can see how silly and confusing it can seem.

Anyway, I wanted to show you “excitement”. You can probably suggest this for Webster’s as a definition.

I’m not lacking for muses with this novel – or for sisters to share it with. Every time I create a new photoshopped visual to help me translate my mind’s image into something tangible or a new trailer (yes. you heard me. I dreamt it and I had to do it. a trailer for an in progress book.), I send it to my little big sisters Ana and Jenny – and my Dad – and get worked up all over again. Smashing good time, ole chap.

Speaking of the trailer – I haven’t seen a single book trailer I thought was awesome. But then this (mine, I mean) is for the writer, not the audience. And can I tell you that I made three alternates which differ only in the length of time the material is exposed…which is because I was trying to find out which music selection was the best. Hans Zimmer is the winner for this project. Shout-out. I of course have Thomas Newman, Craig Armstrong, James Horner, James Newton Howard on the soundtrack but they honestly fill the space (albeit beautifully) between the three Zimmer songs that inspired half of the story. O_O I LOVE YOU, HANS-Y POO!

And I’m going to work now.

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