That’s your son, Kitty.

This is going to be short. Probably. >.>

I just need you guys to know the kind of son I have. He finished kindergarten yesterday, for one thing, and I am probably repeating myself but I am so proud of and simultaneously furious with him over it. And for not being the little boy in his class who was like, “Sucks to your asmar, I can refuse to learn French for nine months, lady. And I mean to.” Right, love you little adorable boy but you’re probably getting kicked into the English school district for first grade. Whoops.

Anyway, he is born and raised on technology, having used a cell phone for the first time when he was two years old and learning how to use the laptop to watch shows on Nick Jr around the same time. This is the child who, when I mistakenly asked him to turn off the VCR (when referring of course to the DVD player), retorted, “Mom. There’s no such thing as a VCR.” O_O

So, he knows that there is a thing called Youtube (although I’m not sure he doesn’t think the whole internet is youtube) and when he wants to see something, he asks to look it up online. A few days ago, he wanted to see how to make toy soldiers. Sometimes he wants to see those laughing baby videos. Sometimes he wants to see tigers. Today… he wants to watch videos. About mold. You heard me.

So he and his father are watching videos about mold. And apparently, it’s hilarious. ???


7 thoughts on “That’s your son, Kitty.

  1. The mold is because the ants on Hermie sang a song about eating mold and he wanted to know what it was.

    Today we watched hang gliding because he thought a hang glider was a workbook from Awanna. I showed him skydiving too just for fun.

    Yesterday when looking at mold we saw something on McDonald’s fries. After 2 months they still hadn’t started to decompose; I bet that’s why kids who eat happy meals have a very distinctive odor.

    Also look up giant centipedes if you want to have nightmares. All I can say is don’t go to Peru unless you wear a protective suit outside.


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