I Prefer “Eccentric”

Silliest thing I’ve read all day: “The Bachelor has a terrible track record with their history of failed romances.” O_o Yeah. It’s the show’s fault that you thought competing for the affections of a man about whom you knew nothing in front of a national (or even global) audience didn’t result in you being/finding someone who took oaths seriously. I rolled my eyes so hard they hurt.

In other news, a new novel idea – I hesitate to call it an “idea” since it came tumbling out in some detail – has apparently made me want to know how to do graphic design? I downloaded photofiltre and gimp 2 – the first of which doesn’t let you work in levels but since I don’t know what I’m doing, some stuff is just easier to navigate in pf – and have been working on creating the images in my head. This book is unlike any of my other stuff, which is pretty much a true statement for every new project, at least to me, and I wanted to really see the world. Having given myself a deadline, you’d think I’d not spend the better part of eight hours working on something that isn’t really part of the book. But I must. My brain is very obsessed when it comes to my work or projects (even my digital scrapbooking) and I tend to do it in sittings of six or so hours without meaning to. Because she says (my brain, that is): This is what we are doing. And we doing nothing else.

Anyway! Perhaps I’ll post some of my horrifically unprofessional images when I am done, since I probably won’t post about the book itself at this stage.

Oh, and my final dream last night had to do with battling something between wolves and gargoyles. It was I and two other people – one of which was Jennifer and the guy I’m pretty sure was a facsimile of Andy – and so there’s this park that reminded me of Mont Royal and there are this giant, stone statues sort of reminiscent of the human ones in Lord of the Rings, which we referred to as sentinels.

They weren’t in this pose, but… oh, one of them was kneeling in the center of a path into the park. They were positioned at the openings of the park and I never saw but I knew there was a huge one in the center and these wolf-goyles were their protectors and typically stationary themselves. Anyway, the funny(?) thing about this dream was that we were narrating our own action and some of it was not really happening, we were role-playing. But then suddenly as we’re speeding past the park – having just fought off a few wolf-goyles in role-playing/non-action fashion – a once-stone-now-wet-and-almost-porcupine-haired wolf-goyle crashes down onto the windshield/hood of the car and is very quickly tearing through the shield. Facsimile Andy and I are shooting these steampunk pistols and preparing to use these sword-like thingies (?) while Jennifer decides she doesn’t want to “play” anymore. I turn to her and out of the corner of my eye see a second wolf-goyle on the back end of the car, climbing onto the hood. Awesome.


9 thoughts on “I Prefer “Eccentric”

  1. I have an idea you are going to dream in steam punk until you finish this book.

    And on the gargoyle idea. How about a dream where a sky scrapper in New York is constructed to look like one gargoyle and at night it comes to life and battles Godzilla?


  2. Here is my problem with The Bachelor:

    After the first season, if surely the cat was out of the bag…did all those girls actually believe that THIS TIME the bachelor was totally a RICH, SUCCESSFUL catch and the entire premise of the show had suddenly changed? They are idiots.

    Also, your dreams are way cooler than mine.


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