Seven for me, Seven for you (OR NINE)

So, in my routine blog-surfing yesterday, I visited JustWriteCat’s blog only to find that she’d named me one of the recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award. Yay and thank you! 🙂 If only I could have found the clip of Bart coaching Lisa for the beauty pageant. “Okay, wipe away a tear…hug the loser…and now for your triumphant walk down the runway.”

(Seriously, I’ve tried everything to get that clip on here…which might have something to do with my Simpsons obsession meeting my propensity for distraction…)

SO! Thank the awarding blogger (check!), tell seven things about me and award it to fifteen bloggers I enjoy. Okay, this second part is only hard in that I’m going to try and talk about seven things I haven’t already told you somewhere in the archives… but don’t check on that, por favor. Get ready for random!

(1) I have a great memory and I use it for good. Which is to say that I have friends with whom I share a passionate love for some measure of visual media and with whom I am making constant reference in the form of long, arbitrary quotes whose significance and amazing commentary is known usually only to the two of us. Luis = The Simpsons; Heather = Corrina, Corrina; Serrana = Ace Ventura 1. My two sisters, Jennifer and Ana, are a little different. Meaning we grew up together so we quote everything. To the point that friends and other family members have told us they have no idea when we’re using authentic conversation and when we’re speaking in movie/tv references.

Favorite quotes with Ana: “Didn’t I tell you?!” – About Schmidt; “Both, together.” – Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer. O_O I know. We’re…special. We quote serial killers. I’d share more but I feel like you’re looking at me kinda weird.

Favorite quotes with Jennifer: “Why you tippin’ in here?” and other whole scenes from Corrina, Corrina; “I did not hit her, I did not!” – The Room; “Is this a dream…are you someone in my head…” – Rebecca DeMornay singing in Beauty & The Beast; “Get thee to heaven, Beatrice. Get thee to heaven.” – Much Ado About Nothing

(2) I lucid dream and I love it. (Whoops, I’ve told you that before.) It inspires my writing quite often, not in what I dream but in the actual experience of lucid dreaming. As well as the phenomena of hypnagogic hallucinations. O_O

(3) Related to my favorite quotes with Jennifer, she and I used to be obsessed with reciting plays, musicals, movies. Seriously, we used to sing “Tom, Dick or Harry” from Kiss Me Kate and we would SING THE INSTRUMENTAL PARTS. I distinctly remember doing this on a drive somewhere and my dad started cracking up and called us stupid. 🙂 Whole instrumental section because we were imagining the entire dance sequence together.

(4) My husband and I have a secret language. O_O Which is less like Tolkien and more like word association. But I suppose if you were eavesdropping, you’d probably not know what we were actually discussing. I didn’t really realize this until I started noticing friends cinching their eyebrows when we’re talking to each other. We definitely don’t do it in public as much, mostly because lots of the vocabulary sounds…nonsensical.

(5) I always had to be the guy when my sisters and I would waltz while watching The King and I. They’re short.

(6) When I was pregnant, I was so afraid I’d have a girl that I had to syke myself up and start calling my belly “Hadas”, so that if it was a girl I wouldn’t feel eternally guilty for having been disappointed. (I. Like baby boys.)

(7) I want to get a tattoo of a quill wrapping from between my thumb and index finger to my wrist and extending above my wrist. But my dad and father-in-law are always complimenting my hands so I’ll probably leave them alone.

And now, for the people I’m awarding!! First of all, there are people I WANT to award but who don’t really blog anymore or indefinitely, the more my sadness. (This is harder than I thought.) But, there are several people I’ve found through tag surfer or twitter whose blogs I’ve really enjoyed so no worries! Shout out to people who’ve already won the award, who I would have otherwise honored. JustWriteCat, of course, and Andy, you complete my blog-surfing. For integrity’s sake I won’t link them, but feel free to check out my blogroll and you shall find them. 🙂

(1) Jennifer – She “reviews” children’s books, links awesome stuff over which both she and I are obsessed. I only wish she blogged more often (but you know, mothering two babies, working full time and being a wife can eat up some time).

(2) Nnekay – She’s a librarian, she’s a blog diva, she’s a Porter Slug. What’s not to love.

(3) TreykaGirl – I stumbled upon her blog and loved it, especially the pages section.

(4) Mama_Kass – Another reason I love tag surfer. Lots to read on a myriad of topics!

(5) ABWP – She’s relatively new to blogging, but we hit it right off.

(6) Rachel @ I Picked Up A Pen One Day – Chronicles her doubts and her determination to write.

(7) Caitlin – Okay, I lied. This is definitely someone often too busy to blog. BUT, in my defense – she’s brilliant, she’s living an adventure and what is already there will entertain you for a long time!

And, I super duper wish I could give you eight more but, with those who already have the award and the fact that my other addictions are not personal blogs, I must beg your forgiveness. These are the blogs I can and heartily endorse and they will definitely give you the goods. Seven and seven it is!

UPDATE: Because I’m a liar AND a loser. There are two other blogs that came to mind after I rushed to finish this post and go pick up my boy (who only has ONE more day of school left)!

(8) Lindsay – She fell in love with Italy (and here I thought Brazil had stolen her heart) and she blogs in lyrical loveliness about it!

(9) Miss Rosemary – She and I frequent the same blog circle and I cannot believe I could forget to mention!

And as I rush off again – this time to tutor – I warn you that this list may continue to grow as I gather my wits about me! Now go check out the ladies!


13 thoughts on “Seven for me, Seven for you (OR NINE)

  1. (8) would be the misc. blogs of the random crazies you happen upon from time to time. Train wrecks are the hardest to pull your gaze away from.

    Congratulations on your award honey. Keep ’em coming. I signed you up for the Padawan of the Year, so if you win don’t be surprised.


  2. Wow, thanks my love!!! Although I probably don’t have fifteen (!) people to send it to since I pretty much lurk on all the blogs I read. So I can award them, but they wouldn’t even know about it. >.> Yeah, I’m weird. 😛
    Lovin’ you lots and lots!


    • LOL – You should totally do it and link them. I tried to keep some sort of integrity by not just linking whomever I know has a blog, since it is called the Versatile Blogger award. Sigh. It is a heavy crown.


  3. Juuust saw your trackback to my blog. (Yes, it’s that long since I’ve seen my own dashboard.) Thank you for your kind words! I really appreciate it.

    Much love,


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