This Is Prolly Why Tumblr Exists

Because I really have very little to say. Just wanted to give you an alternate scenario for which to ponder the “can we judge someone’s actions as wise or unwise” (you know, the way we do in our legal system and by which we imprison dangerous persons)….

I invite you to read about the Miami heiress who left her estate to her dogs. Foolery. I probably only needed to see a picture of her face to conclude that, of course. Whoops, she PAID someone to make her look that way.

Furthermore… that’s all.


6 thoughts on “This Is Prolly Why Tumblr Exists

  1. I know we usually do the running man when we’re doubling over, but I’m gonna do it in anger, mkay?
    *running man*
    Why is it even possible to leave anything but chew toys to dogs anyway? Hella dumb. HELLA. DUMB.


  2. ABWP is the representative to said dogs. She will be contacting executioners of the estate of said Miami heiress to collect on behalf of dogs.

    (If she’s dumb enough to do this, surely she’s dumb enough to believe me.)


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