This Is Your Brain On Frenglish

Today I had a lovely time with two francophone friends – one right after the other. The first is from Cameroon by way of Paris, the second is from a town half-an-hour outside of Montreal. Lovely time was had with both but I am assuming these get-togethers have something to do with the fact that I fell asleep around 8 or so and woke up around 11 with my brain correcting its French. O_O Really? I realize that by all accounts I should be bilingual and I realize that my French is so tragic that it has even decimated the accent of my youth … but conjugating whilst one sleeps is just obnoxious. I think also the fact that I speak in Translated English when I’m with francophone friends doesn’t help because even my English is then a problem for my brain. *collapse*

And I also shall blame them for the strange tummy ache/quease… which is more likely caused by buttery croissants, my husband’s chocolate peanut butter desserts and/or the garlicy shrimp… but whatever.

This sucks.

In other news, I had a lovely breakthrough in my series bible and have (albeit leisurely) been finishing the outlines for the “last” two episodes. I’m quite happy to have (a mon avis) steered it away from the focus I think would be the naturally assumed genre and am making clear my actual vision. Still love it, still wish I could talk more about it, still can’t.

Ce n’est pas un problème unique, je suppose.


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