Say Goodbye To Fergus

At least when my brain wants to practice French, I can sit up, write a couple of notes in an attempt to appease it, realize that now I’m fully the opposite of tired and finish editing a novel. Which brings us to the fact that it’s now 5:29am. And see, this likes to happen when I have morning plans the next day. Soooo aside from that women’s breakfast not being on the menu anymore (heh. breakfast. menu.) – I’m hoping to at least do any of the other desired activities.


In other news, I heart Catherine Tate. And I can’t stop thinking about my favorite Aga Saga sketch.

Aaaand I think I’ll post an Elaine Figgis sketch later, because I heart.

4 thoughts on “Say Goodbye To Fergus

  1. I know Insomnia is your friend of old, but I say he is a bad influence on you and a bore. Every time he comes over for dinner all he wants to talk about is his glory days on the high school football team. If only coach would have let him play they would have won the state championship, he says. And then you talk about that time you put on a big chicken costume and went to prom. Let’s talk about something else next time, okay?


    • See, the difference between us is that I make lucid sense when I’m awake until 8am – as was the case last night – while you on the other hand slip anywhere close to sleep and start muttering things about turtles and ribbon candy. O_o


      • It my right brain/ left brain stuff. When you’re talking to me while I am falling asleep I understand everything you are saying, I am even thinking of talking points for further conversation. Yet its my dream brain that is comprehending everything so when I wake up to answer you I switch back to awake brain and I lose all coherency.

        Bananas got great with peanut butter.


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